ARAM Release Days

Typically ARAM breakfast, AM snack and lunch can only be claimed on the weekends. We have a feature for sponsors to designate dates on which ARAM breakfast, AM snacks and lunches can be claimed, such as for holidays or teacher workshops. Even if a breakfast, am snack or lunch is on the schedule for an afterschool program on a weekday, they will not be able to take meal counts unless you specifically mark a day as an ARAM release day.

To add ARAM release days:

  • Click on “Setup” from the main sponsor dashboard.
  • Click on “ARAM Release Days” button.
  • Click the blue “Add” button.
  • Complete the fields:
    • Start Date
    • End Date.
    • Site to Allow Additional Meals Snacks: you can either select all or specific sites.
  • Click “Save”.

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