File Cabinet Contents Report

This report is a summary of the files that have been uploaded into the File Cabinet. The report is a spreadsheet with the following columns:

  • Site Name
  • Date
  • File Description
  • User that Performed the Upload

This report does NOT include all the files that were uploaded.

To Run the Report

  • Login as a sponsor user
  • Click on the green tab labeled Reports. This will take you to a screen to select the report category.
  • On the screen to select the report category, select "Export Reports".
  • Click the hyperlink for the report titled "File Cabinet Contents Report".
  • Select the date range that you want for the report.
  • Select specific sites or select all sites.
  • Click the green "Run Report" button.
  • Once the report has been generated, click the blue Download Report button.

Download Sample Report >

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