Meal Count Overview

The Meal Count Overview screen provides summary information about attendance and meal counts for the last 60 days at each of your sponsored sites.

To find this screen:

  1. Log in as a sponsor admin user to go to the main sponsor dashboard.
  2. Click on the green tab called Setup.
  3. Click on the box called Meal Count Overview (1).

When the screen loads, it will default to the current date and the first active site alphabetically. Below that it will list the meal counts and attendance for the last 60 days.

  • You can select a date range (2). All the dates are listed from the most recent to the oldest.
  • You can toggle the display to show only certain meal types (3).
  • There is a Totals row at the top and bottom of the screen (4). This total number dynamically changes as you use the meal type selection checkboxes.

You can progress through your sites, using the “Next Site” button or jump to a site using the dropdown menu. If you want to look at historical data, you can select a different date from the date picker.

Rows with errors are filled yellow. Potential errors include:

  • Meals delivered but no meal counts entered
  • Meal count exceeds attendance
  • Meals delivered + carryover is less than meals served

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