Menu Icons

The food database only includes creditable foods. If you would like a food added, please send a request to [email protected]. When planning your menus, keep in mind that the software was designed to prevent errors, so you will not be able to save a menu that doesn’t credit with the CACFP.

When viewing your menus, you will notice that there are a number of icons used. These are meant to be a visual reference to note the status of your menus. Please see below for more detailed descriptions.

  1. Numbered List: means that a meal count has been entered.
  2. Fork & Knife: means that a menu has been planned. The name of the meal turns green once both a menu and meal count have been entered.
  3. Child: means that an infant menu has been planned.
  4. Food Production Record: means that a food production record has been created for this meal.
  5. CN Label: means a food was added requiring additional documentation in the form of a CN Label or Product Formulation Statement.
  6. Individual Infant Feeding Records: red means that an infant has been checked in for a meal. Once each infant checked in for a meal has an individual infant feeding record, the icon will turn green.
  7. Site Closures: means that the site was recorded as closed or on a holiday that day.
  8. Juice: means that juice was served that day. The software automatically prevents juice from being served twice in one day.
  9. Whole Grain Rich: green means you have served a food that is whole grain-rich. If you have not served a food that is whole grain-rich, the icon is red.
  10. Meat/Meat Alternate: means that a meat/meat alternate was served at breakfast instead of a grain. The software automatically limits those substitutions to three times per week.
  11. Bus or Bus with Slash: school bus means the child care facility is open and school is in session (i.e. school-agers are not expected at morning snack or lunch); school bus with slash means the child care facility is open but school is not in session (i.e. school-agers are expected at morning snack or lunch)

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