Blank Participant Registration Form Report

This report generates a blank 

  • Enrollment form*
  • Income form (except for family child care homes) and 
  • Infant form. 
*Enrollment forms are not a federal requirement for at-risk afterschool programs, emergency shelters and summer food sites.

The appearance of the form depends on which state the site is located in and the type of site. Most state agencies accept the default My Food Program form, but in some states it is necessary to match the state agency template precisely.

Before using any enrollment, income or infant forms from My Food Program, you should always check first with your state agency to ensure that our format meets the recordkeeping requirements. If changes to our forms are needed, please contact us so that we can accommodate the recordkeeping requirements in your state.

Sample Reports

The states listed below have forms that differ from the default My Food Program forms. If you do not see your state listed, then the default My Food Program forms will be generated.

My Food Program Default (all states not listed below)










New York

North Carolina




To Generate the Report

  • Click on Reports from the main site dashboard. This will take you to the report selection screen.
  • On the report selection screen, select the category Recordkeeping Reports
  • On the list of reports, click on the one titled Blank Participant Registration Form
  • Click the green Run Report button to generate a hyperlink
  • Click on the Download Report hyperlink to download the report as a PDF.

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