Excluded Foods

Sponsors have the ability to trim the food database by excluding foods. For example, if your state agency does not allow the breading on chicken nuggets to be counted toward the grain/bread component, you can exclude it.

Excluded foods are not available on the Favorite Foods screen and will not appear when searching the food database.

However, excluding a food will not remove it from current saved menus or from current planned menus. If a sponsor excludes a food and a provider or center has that food item on a menu, then they will see that the meal is disallowed when they run a check for errors. The reason will be "Food item is not creditable".

Adding a Food to the Sponsor Excluded Foods List

  • Login as a sponsor. This will take you to the main sponsor dashboard.
  • From the sponsor dashboard, click the tab that says Setup
  • From the sponsor setup screen, click the button that says Excluded Foods
  • Place a checkbox by the food items that you want to exclude.
  • When you are done, scroll to the bottom and click the green Save button.

Removing a Food from the Sponsor Excluded Foods List

Repeat the steps above, except REMOVE the checkbox from the food items that you want to make available to the centers or providers.

Note: sponsors are not able to add foods to our database - that is a function available only to My Food Program staff. If you need a food added to our database, please contact us and we will get it added right away.

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