Food Item is not Creditable

How it Gets Triggered

The food items on the menu are either:

  • No longer creditable because the CN label has expired -OR-
  • The sponsor has added the food item to the Excluded Foods List

How to Get Details

The Disallowed Meals Report will list the date and meal type with a food item that is not creditable.

What to Do Next

Refer back to the Disallowed Meals Report to find the date and meal type with a not creditable food item.

  • Click on Menu from the main dashboard
  • Select the date and meal type that is listed on the Disallowed Meals Report for having a Food Item is Not Creditable
  • Click on "Edit Menu"
  • Look for the red warning that says "Not Creditable"
  • Remove the not creditable food item and replace it with a food item that is creditable
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu edit page and click save

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