Send a Message

This feature is used to send messages directly to your sites. These can be reminders, requests or updates.

To send a message:

  • Click on “Message Center” from the main sponsor dashboard.

  • Click on the “+ Send a Message” button.

  • Enter the fields:
    • Selected Sites: select the site(s) you would like the message to be sent to.
    • Message Date: you can select today or any day in the future to have the message sent.
    • Message Summary: This is for sponsor user only and is not viewable by the sites.
    • Message to Site: enter your message here.
    • Hyperlink (optional)
  • Click “Save”.

  • Once the message has been sent it will appear in the Filter View section below. You will also be able to see when the message was viewed by the site under the “Read Receipt” column.

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