Store a CN label, Product Formulation Statment, Ingredient Label or Nutrition Facts Panel

You have the ability to store documentation of food item credibility within the Menu section of My Food Program.

At the top of the menu calendar, you will now see a new button called “Labels” (1). If you click on the box for labels, you will be taken to a screen where you can upload documentation and associate it with a particular food item for a particular time frame (2).

Potential uses for this feature include:

  • CN Labels or Product Formulation Statements for main entrees that credit for meat/meat alternate and grain components.
  • Nutrition Facts Panels for ready-to-eat cereals and yogurts to verify compliance with the sugar limit.
  • Ingredient Labels for grain items to demonstrate compliance with the whole grain rich requirement.

My Food Program will not automatically populate any labels as the requirement is that CACFP and SFSP operators must maintain their own individual documentation of compliance with meal pattern requirements. However, if you need assistance with assessing a food item for compliance with sugar limits, whole grain-rich requirements or understanding portion sizes from a CN label or product formulation statement our registered dietitian can help!

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