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The claims process has five steps:

  1. The provider or center checks for errors.
  2. The provider or center fixes any mistakes.
  3. The provider or center clicks "Submit to Sponsor"
  4. The sponsor corrects any errors and disallows any meals based on review visits.
  5. The sponsor creates the claim.

This article is about Step 3. Clicking "Submit to Sponsor" will lock out a provider or center from making any changes to menus or meal counts and alert the sponsor that they are finished with their claim for reimbursement.

To submit a claim to a sponsor:

  • Click on “Check for Errors or Submit to Sponsor” on the main dashboard. (Note: this button is called "Check for Errors or Disallow Meals if you are a sponsor user.) Clicking this button will open a calendar.
  • On the calendar, select the month and year and click "Load". This will open the Check for Errors page.
  • Scroll to the action buttons at the bottom of the Check for Errors page and find the one labeled,  “Submit to Sponsor”.
  • When you click "Submit to Sponsor" a pop-up message will appear reminding you that clicking "Submit to Sponsor" will lock you out of making changes to meal counts or menus. Click “OK” on the pop-up message to proceed.
  • The system will now run through the validation process. Depending on the size of the site and the way the Site Details are configured, this may take several minutes. A progress bar is displayed on the screen and once the check of meals and attendance is complete, the page will automatically refresh and the results will display on the screen.
  • When claim submission is complete, you will see several changes:
    • The “Check for Errors or Submit to Sponsor” button disappears 
    • The icon for "Submit to Sponsor" will now be GREEN and show the date. 
    • The icon on the main dashboard regarding Claim Status will now be GREEN.
    • A date/time stamp of site submission will populate on the View/Create Claims screen at the sponsor level.

Video Explanation

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