ACH Generator

My Food Program has the ability to generate an ACH file that you can upload in your bank to generate direct deposits and pay your providers or centers. My Food Program does not transfer the funds; we only provide you the ACH file that you can use with your bank.

Before you can use the ACH Generator, you need to enter the sponsor bank account information and the bank account information for your providers or centers that you want to pay via direct deposit. You can find information in our Help Center article on Banking Setup.

To generate an ACH file:

  • Login as a sponsor user
  • Click on the top tab called Claims
  • Select the button for ACH Generator
  • Enter your banking passphrase
  • Click Unlock ACH Generator
  • Select the sites that you want to include in the ACH file
    • The only sites that will appear in the dropdown list are those that are active and have banking information.
    • If a site has an unpaid claim, are marked as direct deposit and do not have banking information entered, you will see a message in red text on the screen alerting you that their payment will not be included in the ACH file".
    • There is the option for Select All.
  • Select the claim month(s) that you want to include in the ACH file
    • The file will include all claims and claim adjustments for the month that are not marked as paid.
  • Check the box if your bank requires a balanced ACH file. An unbalanced file includes credits only. A balanced file includes both credits and debits.
  • Check the box if you would you like to mark the claims included in this file as paid.
  • Enter the date that you would like the funds withdrawn from your account
  • Click "Securely Generate ACH" and the file will download automatically into your browser's default download location
  • You are now ready to upload the ACH file to your bank and generate the payments to your providers or centers.

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