Add a Visit Completed on Paper

My Food Program has the ability to record and track review/monitoring visits made by sponsors to sites. There are two ways to enter visits:

  1. Using the Electronic Visits through the Web App.
  2. Using a paper-form and scanning it into My Food Program.

To add a new review visit using a paper form:

  • Click on “Visits” on the main dashboard.
  • Click the blue “Add Visit” in the upper-right corner.
  • Enter the fields:
    • Manual/Electronic (required): select “Manual”
    • Visit Date (required)
    • Type: select from:
      • 28-day follow-up
      • Regular Monitoring
      • Regular Monitoring – 1st Tri
      • Regular Monitoring – 2nd Tri
      • Regular Monitoring – 3rd Tri
      • Weekend Visit
      • CAP follow-up
      • Other
      • Site audit
      • Desk Audit
      • Preoperational/Intro Visit
      • At-Risk Afterschool Meals Program
    • Visit Announced: check if the site was notified of the visit ahead of time.
    • Meal Observed: select from Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack, Dinner, Evening Snack
    • Follow-Up Required: check if a follow-up is required.
    • Not Home: check if provider was not home.
    • Upload Visit Form: use the Browse button to find and select the form from your device.
    • Meal Attendance Count: enter the total number of children observed at the meal or snack. Note: If the provider or center enters a number that is LARGER than what was observed, we will disallow the difference and display the claim error: Number of children observed by monitor does not match the number of children checked in for the meal or snack.
    • Menu Food Items: the system will pull the recorded menu for the selected meal onto the screen and the reviewer can certify if the menu matches or does not match. Note: If the menu does NOT match, then the meals will be disallowed. The new claim error that will be displayed says: Menu food items differ from those recorded by the field monitor at the time of the visit.
    • Comments: record any comments about the visit here.
    • Next Visit Due: this date will be pre-filled with a date four months from the date of the current visit, but sponsors may wish to push that date further in the future (if doing review averaging) or sooner (if doing a corrective action follow-up).
  • Click “Save”.
  • You will be able to see all attachments and audits on this page as well.

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