Add a Visit Completed on Paper


To track a visit completed on paper, click on "Visits" from the main dashboard, click the button "+Add Visit". Fill out the required fields and be sure to select Manual from the first dropdown.


My Food Program has the ability to record and track review/monitoring visits made by sponsors to sites. There are two ways to enter visits:

  1. Using the Electronic Visits through the Web App.
  2. Using a paper-form and scanning it into My Food Program.

This article is about the second method. If you would like to learn about completing visits electronically, view the Help Center article.

To add a new review visit:

  • Click on "Visits" on the main site dashboard. This will bring you to a list of recorded visits.
  • Click the blue "Add Visit" button in the upper-right corner.
Manual/Electronic (required)Manual or ElectronicSelect "Manual"
Visit Date (required)Date picker
Visit Type (required)
  • 28-day follow up
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Regular Monitoring - 1st Tri
  • Regular Monitoring - 2nd Tri
  • Regular Monitoring - 3rd Tri
  • Weekend Visit
  • CAP follow-up
  • Other
  • Site audit
  • Desk Audit
  • Preoperational/Intro Visit
  • At-Risk Afterschool Meals Program
Visit Announced Checkbox Defaults to unannounced
Meal Observed None
Early Snack
AM Snack
PM Snack
Evening Snack
Follow-Up Required Checkbox Defaults to unchecked
Not Home
Defaults to unchecked
Upload Visit Form (optional)
Choose File
You may upload a scan or photograph of your completed form here for document storage.
Meal Attendance Count
Text box
Enter the total number of children observed at the meal or snack. Note: Entering a meal attendance count will prevent the site from being able to enter any additional meal counts. In addition, if the meal attendance count entered by the site is more than the meal attendance count entered by the monitor, meals will be disallowed. This should be the total meal counts across all rosters.
Menu Food Items
Only displayed if a menu is entered

Select Yes or No
The system will pull the recorded menu for the selected meal onto the screen and the reviewer can certify if the menu matches or does not match. Note: If you click “yes” or “no” below, the system will lock down menu editing for this meal. If you click “No”, then the meal will be disallowed with reason: Menu food items differ from those recorded by the field monitor at the time of the visit.
Text Box

Next Visit Due
Date Picker
This date will be pre-filled with a date four months from the date of the current visit, but sponsors may wish to push that date further in the future (if doing review averaging) or sooner (if doing a corrective action follow-up).
Reminders for Next Visit
Text Box

Details Displayed
Lists the following information: License Number, Effective Dates, Authority, License Type and License Capacity.
Participants Observed
(option to show or hide)
CheckboxList of all active participants with an option to mark them as "expected" or “observed” during the visit.

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