Add New Sponsor Staff Training

To add a new sponsor user training:

  • Login as a sponsor admin user. This will take you to the main sponsor dashboard.
  • From the main sponsor dashboard, click on the tab called "Users". This will take you to the list of Sponsor Users.
  • On the list of Sponsor Users, click on the name of the person for which you want to add training. This will take you to the Sponsor User profile page.
  • On the Sponsor User profile, scroll to the bottom of the page in the section labeled "Training" and click the blue “Add” button.
  • Enter the fields:
    • Training Date (required)
    • Training Type (required)
    • Description (optional): for your records.
    • Training Hours: for your records and available on the Staff Training Report.
    • Upload a scan or photo of the training agenda and/or signed training roster (optional).

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