Sponsor Users

Sponsor users are employees or contractors with the sponsoring organization.

To add a sponsor user:

  • Login as a sponsor admin user. This will take you to the main sponsor dashboard
  • On the main sponsor dashboard, click on the tab called "Users". This will take you to the list of Sponsor Users.
  • Click on the blue “Add” button and enter the fields:

UsernameYesThis will be the username they will use to login
PasswordYesMust be at least 12 characters. There are no requirements for capital letters or special characters. For data security reasons, you cannot view your password or that of anyone else. To reset a password, just type your new password in the box and again in the Confirm Password field and click Save.
Confirm PasswordYes
Email AddressNoIf you do not fill out this field, we cannot send you email alerts
Phone NumberNo
Send Email When a Participant is CreatedNo
Send Email When a Participant Schedule is UpdatedNo
Send Email When a Participant is Made InactiveNo
Send Email When a Participant Race or Ethnicity is UpdatedNo
Send Email When a Meal Submission MadeNoA Meal Submission is when a provider or center clicks "Submit to Sponsor"
Send Email When Files Added to File Cabinet
Send An Email When A Site Adds An Expense
Start Date

End Date


Signature BoxNo
  • There is then a section about sponsor staff training. See our separate article on tracking sponsor staff training for more information about this function.
  • When you are done, be sure to click the green "Save" button.

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