Age Range

This method is typically used by child care centers, adult day cares, afterschool programs and emergency shelters. Sponsors define the age ranges (such as infant, toddler, preschool) and then a set capacity for each of those age ranges. Sponsors can also have limits on combinations of age ranges, for example a limit on infants + toddlers.

To do licensed capacity checks by age range:

  • Click on the “Setup” tab on the main sponsor dashboard.
  • Click on “Sponsor Setup” on the next screen.
  • Scroll down to Licensed Capacity Method and select “Age Range”.
  • Click “Save”.

To define the age ranges:

  • Click on “Licensing” on the main sponsor dashboard.
  • Click the blue “+Add” button.
  • Create all the age ranges.
    • Age ranges cannot overlap unless one is marked as a “school age” and one is marked as “non-school age”.
    • Use the overlapping age ranges if the state agency that sets licensing age ranges for licensed child care facilities uses school enrollment as part of the definition of an age range instead of just calendar age. For example, in some states “school age” means a child who is 5 years or older. In other states, the term “school age” means a child who is enrolled in school, which may or may not include 5 and 6 year olds.
    • If you use overlapping age ranges, then you MUST use the Include in school age licensed capacity box in participant information.

To set the capacity for each age range:

  • Click on the “Sites” tab on the main sponsor dashboard.
  • Select the appropriate site and then click on “Site Details”.
  • Scroll down to “Site Licensing” and click on the blue “+Add License” button
  • Enter the following information for each age range:
    • Capacity
    • License Age Range: select from the list that you have created.
    • Night Capacity: only check this box if special night capacity is relevant.
  • Click “Save”.

Age Range Combinations

In some states, there are additional restrictions on licenses. For example, the facility license may say:

  • Capacity: 57
  • Infants: 18
  • Toddlers: 14
  • Preschool/School Age: 20
  • Not to Exceed 8 School Age

In this case, you need to add additional restrictions on licensed capacity. In addition to entering the numeric restrictions for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age, you ALSO need to add the restrictions on total capacity and the restriction on the combination of preschool and school-age.

To add additional restrictions on licensed capacity that apply to more than one age group:

  • Click on “Site Details” on the main dashboard.
  • Click on the blue “Add Age Range Combination” button.
  • Select the age ranges that apply to the restriction and the “not to exceed” value.
  • Click “Save” and the additional restrictions will appear on the screen.

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