License Types

This method is typically used by family day care homes. Sponsors define the license groups and the possible combinations of children that are allowed (license types).

To make sure you are using this method of licensed capacity checks:

  • Click on the “Setup” tab on the main sponsor dashboard.
  • Click on “Sponsor Setup” on the next screen.
  • Scroll down to Licensed Capacity Method and select “License Types”.
  • Click “Save”.

There are two levels: License Type Groups and License Types

  1. License Groups are the names of the Licenses as defined by your state agency. Examples include "Registered Day Care Home" or "Type I Day Care Home" or "Experienced Day Care Home"
  2. License Types are the combinations of children that are allowed.

License Groups

To Create a License Group from the Licensing Tab at the sponsor level:

  • Click the Blue +Add button in the upper-right corner
  • Name the License Group
  • "Limited License" is not applied to every meal automatically and instead is only applied in limited circumstances.
  • Click Save

License Types

License Types are the allowed combinations of children in each age category.

To create a License Type from the Licensing Tab at the sponsor level:

  • Click the blue “+Add” button on the right-hand side of the screen across from the word License Types
  • Select the License Group that this License Type belongs in
  • Enter a License Type Name
  • Enter Minimum Age, Maximum Age and Capacity for each configuration
  • Check the box for Night Capacity (only if your state agency allows different capacities for day-time care versus overnight care)
  • Select one of the following (You should select "Applies to All Children" unless your state defines "school age" according to enrollment status rather than calendar age):
    • Applies Only to School Agers
    • Applies Only to Non School Agers or 
    • Applies to All Children. 
  • Click “Save”.

To assign a License Group to a site:

  • Click on the “Sites” tab on the main sponsor dashboard.
  • Select the appropriate site and then click on “Site Details”.
  • Scroll down to “License Types” and select the License Group(s) you want to apply to this site.
  • Click “Save”.

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