Copy a Household to Another Site

This feature is most helpful for sponsors of affiliated sites in which families switch from one location to another. We have the ability to copy participants from one site to another within the same sponsor account. This feature is only available to Sponsor Admin users.

To copy a participant(s) to another site:

  • Click on Participants & Rosters from the main dashboard
  • Click on the name of the parent or guardian for the household
  • Click the orange button in the upper-right corner labeled “Copy Household to Another Site”
  • Select the site you are copying to, select the participant(s) to copy, their roster and start date and click “Copy”

The software will then copy the entire household and all forms to the destination site.

The copy will include all household and participant information, including:

  • Enrollment Form

  • Income Form

  • Infant Forms

  • Special Diet Statements

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