Disallow meals if CN Label or Product Formulation Statement is not uploaded


Turn on this feature in Site Details under Menu Settings if you want to have meals disallowed if a product that requires a CN Label or a Product Formulation Statement and one is not uploaded into the system OR has expired. It will trigger the claim error "Missing CN Label or Product Formulation Statement"

Detailed Explanation

This checkbox is for sponsors that use the Labels feature in My Food Program to upload a scan or photo of a CN label or Product Formulation Statement.

The providers or centers can upload labels themselves if the box "Allowed to upload product labels" is checked. If that box is unchecked, then only sponsor users can add labels to the system.

If you check the shown below, then My Food Program will check to make sure that any food item served that month that requires a CN Label or a Product Formulation Statement:

  • Has a file uploaded into the Labels section AND
  • The expiration date has not passed

This cross-check will take place when the provider or center clicks "Check for Errors". If any CN Labels or Product Formulation Statements are missing or expired, then this error will be displayed:


  • The expiration date that is entered into the Labels section is what will be used for this meal error. We also monitor expiration dates for CN Labels. However, food items remain in our database for one year after the CN label expires to accommodate sites that purchase the product when the CN label was current but do not serve the item until a later date.
  • If a food item credits for both a meat/alternate and a grain (for example, a chicken nugget or a corn dog) then BOTH of the food items need to have labels added or the system will proceed with the disallow as these are two separate food items in the database.

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