Error if Meals Served Exceeds Meals Available

*Applies to Afterschool Programs and Summer Food Service Programs Only


This feature is for sites that use a central kitchen or vended meal provider. Select this box to check that the number of meals delivered (plus those available from prior days) is at least as much as the meals served. If the site records more meals served than they had available, meals will be disallowed.

Detailed Explanation

For sites that have meals delivered to them, either from a central kitchen or a vended meal provider, it may be important to confirm that the amount of food delivered supports the number of meals claimed.

The software gets the number of meals available by adding together the meals received/prepared and those available from prior days:

In order to get the meals received/prepared field to populate, you have two options:

  1. Enter meal orders. Meal orders automatically populate the meals received/prepared field. If you do not want the site to change the number of meals received/prepared, then you can restrict them from editing this field.
  2. Have staff enter a number in the meals received/prepared field. You can require the sites to enter this field before they can take 

And then we compare the meals available to the meals served in any category. 

If the result is a negative number, then we will generate an error "Meals served exceeds meals available"

To turn on this error:

  • Click on Site Details from the main site dashboard
  • Scroll to the section on Claims Settings
  • Check the box labeled "Error if meals served exceeds meals available"
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the green Save button.

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