Infant Menu by Date on My Food Program+

This article will tell you about planning an infant menu that covers all infants in care and includes the USDA meal pattern portion sizes for each age range but does not link specific amounts to individual infants. If you are looking to record the foods and quantities offered to individual infants, please refer to our article on Infant Menu by Name.

Creating an Infant Menu by Date

  • Tap or click on Infant Menus from the main My Food Program+ dashboard
  • The date will populate to the current date and the meal to the first meal of the day. You can change the meal date or meal type.
  • Select the item(s) on your menu using the dropdown menus. you may add more than one item to satisfy a food component.
  • The only component that you are required to offer is Fluid Milk in the form of iron-fortified infant formula or breastmilk. The menu will save with only that component. However, if you have an infant who is developmentally ready for solid foods that attends the meal and you do not add solid foods to the menu, their meal will be disallowed for the reason "Missing or Incomplete Infant Menu"

There is no save button in My Food Program+. The border around the box will change from yellow to green to indicate that the data is synced. If it turns red, an error message will be displayed telling you what is wrong.

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