Meal Orders Using Mobile App

Setup & Notes

  1. Sponsors must authorize meal orders to be entered via in the mobile app in order for the Meal Orders option to appear on the main mobile app selection screen.
  2. Users can only create a meal order for a date in the future (with a limit of one week).
  3. Site users cannot delete meal orders once they are set to the sponsor. Only sponsor users can do that and they must do that on the web app.

To Create A Meal Order

  • From the main mobile app menu, tap on the “Meal Order” button.
  • The date defaults to the following day. Tap on the date if you would like to change to a different date.
  • Select the meal type for which you are entering a meal order
  • Enter the quantity of meals each appropriate USDA age range and meal category.
  • Click “Submit” to save this to the meal order as a draft.
  • Click “Send to Sponsor” to finalize the meal order.
  • Site level users cannot edit a meal order once they have tapped Send to Sponsor
  • Sponsor users can reset meal orders using the web app if necessary
  • Site level users cannot submit duplicate meal orders - i.e. multiple orders for the same date, meal type and age range.

Video Explanation

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