Sponsor Staff Hours Detail Report

The Staff Hours Detail Report collects the information entered in the Record Hours feature. It includes a breakdown of each date that a staff person worked including:

  • Total hours
  • Break hours
  • Total worked hours
  • Non-CACFP hours
  • CACFP Operating hours
  • CACFP Operating cost (which is CACFP operating hours x hourly rate)
  • CACFP Admin hours
  • CACFP Admin costs (which is CACFP admin hours x hourly rate)
  • Total CACFP costs

It also captures the electronic signature of the employee and their supervisor.

To Run the Report at the Sponsor Level

  • Login as a Sponsor Admin user. This will take you to the main sponsor dashboard.
  • Click on the green tab for Reports. This will take you to the page to select the report category.
  • From the dropdown menu of report categories, select Financial Reports
  • Click on the hyperlink for the report called Sponsor Staff Hours Detail Report. This will take you to the screen to make the report selections.
  • On the report selections screen:
    • Select the date range.
    • Select specific sites or select all sites.
  • Click the green Run Report button.
  • Click “Download Report” and your web browser will download the pdf into the folder you designate or open it in the browser.

Download Sample Report >

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