Weekly Meal Count with Attendance Report

The Weekly Meal Count Report contains meal counts and attendance for each participant per meal for a given week.

Access Level:

  • Sponsor
  • Site Manager

To Run the Report

  • Click on Reports from the main site dashboard. This will take you to a page to select the report category.
  • From the report selection screen, choose the category Attendance and Meal Count Reports.
  • Click on the hyperlink for the report titled Weekly Meal Count with Attendance Report. This will take you to the screen to make your selections for the report.
  • Select the start date for the report.
  • Select the roster.
  • Select separate or combined rosters.
  • Check these available options, if applicable:
    • Only Include Dates That are Past the end of Month?
    • Hide Dates Without Attendance?
  • Click the green Run Report button to generate a download link.
  • Click the hyperlink to Download Report in PDF format.

Download Sample Report >

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