Auto-Fill Check Numbers


Click the "Auto-Fill Check Numbers" button at the top of the Claim Payments screen and the system will prompt you for your starting check number and then fill in the check numbers sequentially, in alphabetical order, for those sites that are designated as being paid by check.

Detailed Explanation

If you are a sponsor of family child care homes or unaffiliated centers and you remit payment to your sites by paper check, we have the ability to auto-fill the check numbers to save you time.

To fill in the check number automatically:

  • Login as a sponsor admin user
  • Click on the Claims Tab
  • Click on Claim Payments
  • Select the claim month and year
  • Click on the blue button labeled "Auto-fill check numbers"

The system will now prompt you for a starting check number and remind you of the process for filling in check numbers. The numbers will be filled:

  • Sequentially starting with your designated check number and 
  • In alphabetical order and
  • Include only those sites that have Payment Method "Check" selected in Site Details

When you are done you must click Save

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