Finalizing Food Production Records


You can use the Meal Details screen to finalize a food production, which will lock the menu and the food production record from further changes.

Detailed Instructions

Once a food production estimate is created, you can see it in Food Production Reports and on the Meal Details page. However, a food production record is not locked until it is finalized. Advantages of taking the extra step of finalizing a food production record:

  1. The menu is locked after a food production record is finalized. This means that menus cannot be edited unless the food production record is deleted.
  2. A date/time stamp will be associated with a finalized food production record. This assists sponsors in ensuring that food production records were created in a timely manner.

To finalize a food production record:

  • Click on “Menu” on the main dashboard. This will take you to the menu calendar.
  • On the menu calendar, click on the date and meal type for which you want to enter a menu. This will take you to the meal details screen.
  • Ensure that a menu is planned and a food production record is created.
  • On the Meal Details screen, click on the blue "Finalize Food Production Record" in the lower right corner.
  • A warning box will appear. Click “OK”.

  • You will now be returned to the Meal Details screen. You will note that the “Edit Menu” button is now gone and a date and time stamp is displayed for the finalized food production record.

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