From the Meal Count Screen

Meal counts can be disallowed from the meal count screen.

To disallow a meal from the meal count page:

  • Click on “Meal Count” on the main dashboard.
  • Select the date, roster and meal for which you are disallowing a meal count.
  • You can either disallow ALL meals or select individuals.
  • Check the box at the top for all, or the box next to each individual’s name under Disallow Meal.
  • Select the option for why the meal is being disallowed. Options include:
    • Meal counts not current
    • Meal counts not taken at point of service
    • Meal served is not creditable
    • Parent-provided meal
    • Special dietary need not correctly accommodated
    • All components not served at the same time
    • Participant not eligible for CACFP
    • Milk Shortage
    • Claiming Percentage below 25 percent
    • Program records not available during monitoring visit
    • Program and claim records received after the deadline
    • Report does not match monitor reciew or parent audit
    • Site not available for monitoring review
    • Failure to attend Required Training
    • Unrecorded school holiday, offsite, closure, or virtual learning, etc
    • Over Licensed Capacity
    • Duplicate Child Claimed with Another Site
    • Meal Served Did Not Match Posted Menu
    • Meal Not Served within Schedule Meal Service Time
    • Participant on incorrect shift
  • Click “Save”.

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