Limited License Type

My Food Program has the option to create a "Limited License". This is a license that is not effective every meal and every day. Instead, it is effective on a limited basis.

To designate a license type as a "limited license" check the box for Limited License when setting up the license group

Your next step is to add this "Limited License" to each provider or center who might use it.

Any provider or center that has a "limited license" in their Site Details will have a new option on the meal details screen to indicate that they are using their "limited license" for capacity for that meal.

The provider or center needs to select the "limited license" from the dropdown AND click "Save Limited License". Doing so will tell My Food Program to use the "limited license" configuration for that meal only. If a "limited license" applies to an entire day, the provider or center would have to select the "limited license" AND click "Save Limited License" for each meal offered that day.

If a "limited license" is not selected, the system will use the other valid License Types to determine licensed capacity for that meal.

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