License Type Definitions

The License Capacity Method determines how we check that a center or provider is within their licensed capacity. There are two methods: License Type and Age Groups.

The License Type method is typically used by family day care homes.

With this method, sponsors define the license types (such as registered family day care and licensed child care home) and then assign one or more license types to each site. Here is an example of how a license type is set up:

In the example above, the provider has a license type "Regular Family Child Care Home" and has the following restrictions:

• They can have up to 2 children that are under 2 years old

• They can have up to 6 children that are under 7 years old and not attending school

• They can have a total of 8 children

More than one license type can be applied to the same provider. When we complete our license capacity checks, we will try each of the license types before disallowing any meals.

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