Non-CACFP Participant Program

The Non-CACFP program type is used for participants that need to be recorded for attendance and meal counts but not included in a claim. The most common scenarios we see for non-CACFP participants are:

  1. Children or Adult Day Care Clients who are providing their own meals but still need to be checked in for attendance and meal counts in order to demonstrate compliance with licensed capacity
  2. Staff that need to be checked in for attendance and meal counts in order to create accurate food production record estimates.

Adding Non-CACFP Participant Program

Any participants (or staff members) who need to be added to My Food Program but should NOT be included in the claim, should have their Program Type changed from the default to "Non-CACFP"

To do that:

  • Click on Participants & Rosters from the main dashboard
  • Click on the Participants Name
  • Scroll down to the Participant Programs section
  • Click the orange "Add Program" Button
  • Select Non-CACFP from the dropdown
  • Save the participant

Note: Meal counts for participants designated as Non-CACFP will trigger an error that says, "Meal Claimed for Participant Who is a Non-CACFP Participant" as an extra reminder that those meals will not be claimed.

Participants who are designated as Non-CACFP will have an N/C next to their name on attendance and meal counts screens.

Note: a participant cannot be both Non-CACFP and any other program type for the same date. Participants are either eligible for a claim or not.

If you have a participant who was not eligible for a claim and they become eligible (for example, they stop providing their own food and begin eating meals and snacks provided by the facility), simply

  1. Enter the last date that the participant was providing their own food as the End Date for Non-CACFP and
  2. Add a Participant Program with the a Start Date when the participant began eating meals and snacks provided by the facility.

You can do the reverse if a participant was eating meals and snacks provided by the facility and is now providing their own food.

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