Require Parent/Guardian Name, Contact Information, Schedule and Race and Ethnicity Information for Participants (Children or Adult Day Care Clients)

When enrolling new children or adult day care clients, providers and centers are always required to enter:

1. First name

2. Last name

3. Birthdate and 

4. Start date.

This is what the participant screen looks like with those settings:

If sponsors check this box, then providers or centers will ALSO be required to enter:

1. Parent or Guardian Name

2. Phone Number

3. Address

4. Schedule of typical times in care and meals/snacks

5. Race and ethnicity

The additional required fields will be marked with a *

Check this box if you want full parent/guardian contact information, schedule and race/ethnicity information of every participant in My Food Program

Leave this box unchecked if you only want to require first name, last name, birthdate and start date in order for your providers or centers to add a participant to My Food Program.

Note: the information entered into the participant and household accounts will be included on any pre-printed enrollment or income forms generated from My Food Program. If you are going to be having your providers or centers use the enrollment forms or income forms generated from My Food Program, you may consider checking this box as a way to reduce manual data entry.

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