View Disallows as a Result of a Milk Audit

The “Milk Audit” feature of My Food Program allows sponsors to conduct a milk audit without needing to print and compare reports.

To view a disallow because of milk shortages:

  • Note: a claim must be created before you can view the milk audit disallowances.
  • Click on “Milk Audit” on the main dashboard.
  • Click on the Month/Year for the milk audit you would like to view.
  • Scroll down to the summary under “Claim Adjustments from Milk Audit”.
    • You will see each meal and snack that the site has claimed.
    • Each meal is further broken down to the milk types.
    • You will also see the breakdown across all of the income eligibilty categories.
    • The last column shows the total meals/snacks removed from the claim due to the milk shortage.

There are two reports with additional information about disallowances for milk shortages:

  • Disallowed Meals Report
    • This report shows day-by-day and meal-by-meal the status and reason for the disallow, along with the participant name.
  • Monthly Meal Count with Attendance
    • This report shows a month view with the day/meal in red that has any disallows.

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