Add Electronic Signature

  • An electronic signature can be stored in My Food Program 
  • Users will be required to store an electronic signature and that signature will be applied to select Attendance and Meal Count reports if the option in Sponsor Setup is checked to "Apply electronic signature to meal count forms after claim is submitted" is checked
  • The ability to save an electronic signature is available for all users on My Food Program+. 
  • Users with site Manager/Director-level permissions can create and edit their own signatures and the signatures of other staff at the site using the web.

On My Food Program+ (available for all users)

To create or manage a signature on My Food Program+:

  • Tap or click on Staff from the main My Food Program+ dashboard
  • Scroll to the section titled Manage My Signature
  • Using your mouse, touchpad or touchscreen, draw your signature
  • When you are finished, click or tap the Save button

On the Web (available only to Site Manager/Directors)

To add an electronic signature:

  • Click on “Staff” or "Users" on the main dashboard.
  • Then click on the name of the staff member/user OR click on the blue “Add” button in the upper-right corner.
  • Scroll down to the "Sign Here" section.
  • Add signatures.
  • Click "Save".

Note: These signatures will populate on the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Meal Count with Attendance Reports along with the date that the site submitted their claim to their sponsor.

Video Explanation

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