Claim Summary and Disallowed Meals

This report generates a PDF with the Site Claim Summary for each site. There is also an option to include Claim Adjustments, Disallowed Meals, Milk Audit summary and/or an Expense Summary.

To run the report:

  • Login as a Sponsor Admin
  • Click on the Claims tab
    • Click on the button for Claims Reports
    • Click on the hyperlink for "Claim Summary and Disallowed Meals"

    The available user selections are:

    • Select Date (Claim Month)
    • Claim Type
      • All Sites OR
      • Manual Claims Only
    • Select Report Type (reimbursement method)
      • Fixed Claiming Percentages
      • Actual Meal Count by Type
      • Claiming Percentages Round Down
      • Claiming Percentages Conventional Rounding
    • Select Program Type
    • Include Disallow?
      • With Disallowed Meals
      • Without Disallowed Meals
    • Select Monitors
    • Selected Sites: choose from active and inactive sites
    • Show Adjustments (see image below)
    • Show Expenses Summary
    • Show Milk Audit Summary
    • Show Disallowed

    Sample Reports

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